As I am sure you all know recently Planet lost his father. But since that time there has been many things that have happened. Planets father was a professional Boxer from 1962 till 1973 and in his memory the New York State Athletic Commissioner member Judge Edwin Torres, who also wrote “Carlito’s Way” presented the family with a plaque from Ring 8 and we had a 10 count in his memory. so I am posting pictures of the ceremony and a video of the accepting of the award by his family. In tribute to Felix Sandoval (His Boxing Name)

The family of the late Felix Sandoval, who was a former boxer and trainer, came up and talked about there father. A few members of his family talked on how boxing was a big part of there life because of there father, and they went to many boxing shows because of him.

The Family before the Award

And in closing even though I was never privileged to meet his Father I know Planet. And his father must have been a hell of a man because Planet is one hell of a man and I feel privileged to know him. And I know how much he loved his father and how much he misses him already. So if you are reading this in Heaven sir you will be missed and you are much loved and will never be forgotten. God Bless you and rest easy because you raised a fantastic family and we all are better for knowing them