Recently Google added a new experimental feature that displays a small info card when you hover over a tab in Chrome. Similar to Microsoft Edge's tab hover card implementation, Chrome 74 will show a preview image of the associated web site when you hover over its tab.
In early January, Chrome added an experimental flag to Chrome 74*that enabled a feature called Tab Hover Cards, which are small information cards that appear when you hover open an open tab.
Tab Hover Card
Yesterday,*Google added a new experimental flag to Chrome that will cause image previews of a site represented by the tab to be displayed when you hover over it. These tab hover card images are similar to how Microsoft implements them in the Edge browser as shown below.
Edge Microsoft Edge Hover Card ImageCard
As can be seen by the following commit from the latest Chrome Canary build, a new flag for this feature has been added to the Chrome 74 Canary build, but the actual functionality to display images in tab hover cards is forthcoming.
Commit for hover card images
Tab hover cards are currently not enabled by default in the Chrome 74 Canary builds and have to be enabled by a chrome://flags setting. To enable these features in Chrome Canary, you can enter chrome://flags in the address bar and press enter.
When the Experiments page opens, search for hover*and you will see two new experimental flags called Tab Hover Cards and Tab Hover Card Images.*
Chrome://flags with tab hover card settings
To enable Tab Hover Cards, change the default setting to Enabled. In future builds you will also be able to enable the Tab Hover Card Images setting to see image previews, but at this time the code to display images has not been added to the Chrome 74.